Medieval Songs 101 Program

Amy Bartram, soprano, self-accompanied on medieval lute
(Public debut 11/6/14 on Midtown Concerts series)
An introduction to medieval secular song (12th–14th centuries). I’ve performed some of this engaging repertoire at a local university, providing historical context and information, and I’d love to bring it to other concert series and schools.
I also have available a program of early song from Ancient Greek chant through the 15th century (self-accompanied), an ideal presentation for early history survey courses.

Concerts of Classical German Lieder with Dongsok Shin, fortepiano

Recitals of German Lieder by Haydn, Mozart, and Schubert; accompanied by Dongsok Shin on a fortepiano that is a copy of Mozart’s own Anton Walter fortepiano now in Salzburg, made by Philip Belt. Programs have been performed on the GEMS Midtown Concerts series, and one was recently featured on the Classical Network,, on May 1, 2018.

Duo with lutenist Ekko Jennings

Amy Bartram, soprano, and Ekko Jennings, lute, have performed more than fifteen programs of lute songs together on series in NYC, including the Midday Music, Midtown Concerts, Music in Chelsea, and NY Early Music series, and as part of the Baroque Festival of New Jersey and the first NY Early Music Celebration in 2004. They have explored a wide range of music including 17th c. English lute songs and ballads, French airs de cour, and Italian monody; 16th c. Italian song from the Bottegari lutebook; and Tudor repertoire from the court of Henry VIII.

Duo with composer and pianist John Stone, performing Stone’s art song settings

Duo with renaissance guitarist Jocelyn Nelson, 16th c. French chansons

Machicoti, A Medieval Ensemble

Amy Bartram, Founder and Artistic Director, voice, medieval lute
Machicoti is dedicated to creating exhilarating interpretations of medieval music. The group debuted in 2003 and has performed medieval music from France on concert series around NYC, including Midtown Concerts, Salon Concerts at Stern, the NY Early Music Series, the 2007 and 2004 NY Early Music Celebrations, and concerts in conjunction with the NY Public Library’s “Splendor of the Word” exhibition. The original machicoti were the skilled vocal soloists at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in the twelfth century, who created virtuosic improvisations on the liturgy and beyond—a tradition later preserved in manuscripts. To get closer to this original tradition, Machicoti works from facsimiles of medieval manuscripts in its programs of music from Paris c. 1200, rather than from modern editions. Machicoti has been on hiatus since 2009. Personnel of original trio: Amy Bartram; Soprano Grace Check (Founding member); Soprano Beth Cullinane (Founding member). Machicoti has performed more than 14 unique programs of medieval music (primarily vocal) from the tenth through fifteenth centuries, including collaborations with the men’s trio, Trio Triumvirum, and the ensemble Infiorare. The repertoire has included Gregorian chant and Notre Dame polyphony and monophony (including organum, conductus, motets) sung from medieval notation; music from Aquitaine, the Codex Calixtinus, and Codex las Huelgas; Ars nova; Ars subtilior; and concerts focusing on the work of a single composer (Adam de la Halle, Machaut, Dufay). A detailed list is available.